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Timber sawing

We provide timber sawing services quickly and with high quality. The wood is sawn in dimensions and by a wood sawing method chosen by a customer.


We will pack and prepare timber for transportation. So you won't have to worry about the cargo. Appropriate measures are used for packaging to protect the timber properly while transportation and from external factors.


We provide planing services.Wood planning is carried out according to customer orders.


We provide drying services. The wood is dried according to customer needs to an appropriate moisture level.

Rift sawing

We offer rift sawing services.Rift sawing carried out with mitre saws in accordance with the parameters referred by a customer.

Loading shipping containers

We provide a sea container loading works. We are loading properly to correspond to the requirements of timber transportation.



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UAB "Žalmedis"

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Chief Executive Officer Viktoras Momkus
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Director and manager Tomas Momkus
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Deputy manager for production Stanislovas Ročius
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